EDIC Organ Donation

EDIC Organ Donation

Type K. Which of the following situations is/are NOT suitable for organ donation?: a) Severe septic shock: TRUE/FALSE. b) Active tuberculosis: TRUE/FALSE. c) Human immunodeficiency virus: TRUE/FALSE. d) Virus hepatitis C: TRUE/FALSE.  ...


EDIC – Advanced Life Support

A 62 year - old man is receiving CPR due to an in - hospital cardiac arrest. You attend the cardiac arrest call and observe that the initial rhythm is pulseless electrical activity (PEA). According to ALS guidelines, which is the single most appropriate step in the management?: a) Give amiodarone 300 mg, IV after the third shock if still in cardiac arrest. b) Give adrenaline 1 mg, IV, every 3 to 5 minutes. c) Chest compressions should be performed at 80 - 100 per minute. d) Atropine 600 mg, IV should be given. e) External pacing should be...

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