EDIC Alcohol withdrawal

A1. A 33-year-old man is brought to the Emergency Department with signs of alcohol intoxication. His vital signs are normal, but during his interrogation, he experiences a tonic - clonic seizure with a ventricular fibrillation during the postictal state. He is subsequently hospitalized and becomes intermittently agitated and tremulous. Vital signs include a heart rate of 136 beats per minute, a systolic blood pressure of 128 /65 mm Hg, and a temperature of 38.7°C. Laboratory results show: Ammonia 36 U/L, AST 295 U/L, ALT 110 U/L, ALP 305 U/L, Platelets 76.000 mm3, INR 1.6. Which would be the drug of choice to administer in this patient?:
a) Haloperidol.
b) Lorazepam.
c) Alprazolam.
d) Clonazepam.
e) Chlordiazepoxide.
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