EDIC Thoracic Trauma

EDIC Thoracic Trauma

Type A. An 18 year - old man is brought to the Emergency Department (ED) by his gang with a shotgun wound to the right shoulder. He is hypotensive (78/42 mmHg), tachycardic (110 bpm) and tachypnoeic (35 bpm). After resuscitation with 2000 ml of crystalloids, his blood pressure rises to 110/82 mmHg and heart rate reduces to 102 bpm. On examination the right hemithorax shows decreased sounds and a closed tube thoracostomy is performed draining a small amount of blood but no air leak. Which would be the next most appropriate step in the management?:

a) Perform a transthoracic ultrasound.

b) Obtain a CT scan of the chest.

c) Obtain arterial blood gas analyses.

d) Perform an aortogram.

e) Reexamine the chest.

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